DM.Recordings proudly present to you their latest signing to the DM’ fam! 104 BPM, a talented music producer from, Gamalakhe (Port Shepstone, Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa).

This emerging house music producer blesses us with his debut EP, “Routine Life” featuring five intense productions, sure to set dancefloors across the world on fire!

104 BPM began producing music early 2012 and hasn’t looked back ever since, some of his highlights thus far is being part of the top 6 remixers for a national remix competition, the collection of all the remixes then went on to being released on digital stores as an EP (Supernatural Love, The remixes)

His influences range from everyday life, spirituality and past experiences which are evident in this EP. Starting off with Ihubo, which infuses traditional African rhythms with current dance music, making the listener wanting to simply move! As we move on to the 2nd track of the EP it gets deeper, 5PM & Feelings, which has a gritty bassline that makes you bop your head accompanied by a hypnotizing pad and rolling beats! Track 3 is simply, “for the heads” 104 BPM just goes straight underground with this creation, with straight forward key stabs, hard hitting beats supported by a melodic bassline. Pulsating pads, moving basslines paired up with the traditional afro house beat “Self Doubt” is the fourth track of Routine Life”
Bringing this first chapter to a close, 104 BPM provides us with Fodi’s Hum, a track that definitely evokes some emotion, with hard hitting snare rhythm and chanting background vocals, 104 BPM sure tell us a great opening story to his musical journey.

DOWNLOAD NOW: 104 BPM – Routine Life EP