This duo have had great success since their debut release ‘Buya’ which gained global attention with plays on MTV and African Music Channel. DM.Recordings are very pleased to announce our second release for Afro Warriors with their new hit single ‘On My Way’ featuring Anabela Aya.

As expected, the Angolan duo have created a powerful African infused hit which will dominate the dance floors of the underground house scene. Fused with the eloquent vocals of fellow Angolan singer Anabela Aya, this track embeds a drum-thumping bass with snappy snares and kicks that seriously run through your body demanding it to dance. The build in this track takes you on a dynamic journey which will have you on your way to the dance floor. In addition to the original, upcoming producer Breyth meets the Afro Warrior’s to give a deeper statement with the battle remix.