In 2014, an anonymous individual capably managed to leave an unforgettable footprint in the sound systems of many international clubs with his debut release ‘Sleepless Nights’.
DM.Recordings are very excited to announce the return of Corinda with ‘The Chase’ featuring the proficient wordsmith Lebo.

‘The Chase’ demonstrates the soulful side to Corinda through a slick display of the transcending expressive synths used to underline the hip-moving drums – composed alongside the spoken word of Lebo who tells the story to which many relate in the chase of something wanted so much. Alongside Corinda, we have Rudo Deep step up on production and give his very own interpretation of this chase that elevates all elements of afro-tech.
This package is polished off with a heart-felt remix from the late Eddhi Cheq who really has gripped listeners with his Heartistic dub version and remix that has an ambient tone which focuses on the atmosphere created around this track.

This EP will have you revisit the chasing feeling you had in 2014 when you were left wanting more – this is Corinda.