Delivering a release that defines the 2017 sounds of DM.Recordings, we are proud to announce the debut release from DJ Mreja & with ‘Ritual Sounds’.

Hailing from Johannesburg, we have DJMreja & Neuvikal Soule delivering a spine-chilling package with four perfectly laid tracks that scream out ‘afro-tech’ to every listener. ‘Confiscated’ takes us on a electronic journey to a soulful atmosphere with breaks that are bound to give you goosebumps. This duo then takes us on a to a ‘Dark Planet’ which provides more depth to these ritual sounds. Lastly, ‘Tribe Kings’ which is a straight roller sure to make you bop your head to this one.

This package will undoubtedly move through the body and soul of every avid deep-afro house fan.

DOWNLOAD NOW: DJMReja & Neuvikal Soule – Ritual SoundsĀ