About Infected Soul:

Mpilwenhle Cele better know by his stage name, Infected Soul comes from a group called Infected Projects which was a two member group which was established back in 2007, it was himself and Nombela RBT. After sometime growth needed to take place as he decided to go solo to fully pursue his own sound as a producer and since then he has never looked back, combining his passion and love for house music he started teaching himself intense producing techniques by trial and error. He was inspired by his music collection of artists like Mr Raoul K, Osunlade, Black Coffee, Halo, Culoe De Song and other legends. This producer has attended Damelin and Creative Arts College for his Sound Engineering career in Durban (South Africa) also he is known for his humbleness and dedication to his work of producing great fresh beats. He has developed a versatile approach to making music that will appeal to everyone anywhere in the world.When he started producing he was doing Afro-Deep but now he has evolved to fusing the indigenous elements of African music with the vibes that appeals to the international scene. He delivers a unique sound which cannot be compared to anyone who is already on the music scene. His breakthrough into the SA dance scene came after being spotted for his talent and hard work by the IKLWA BROTHERS.

Now signed to DM.Recordings we are proud to present the first single release “No Good For Me” featuring the amazing vocals by Sinai. Also included on this release are three versatile remixes from XtetiQsoul, Infinite Boys & Ta-Ice each remix bringing something different to the dance floors!

About Sinai:

Malawi based singer Sinai started singing at a very young age, at the age of 11 she was in a chapel choir and was involved in music and took part in the school rock band. Being inspired by life experiences, travelling the world with her father from a young age and artists such as Jhene Aiko, Adele allow her to express her feelings and emotions when singing. Sinai got into the industry after sending a demo to Black Coffee’s label Soulistic Music, where the label manager introduced her to Infected Soul, since then they both as a duo have created a number of productions and have been working on their album.