S’gcino Gwacela (known as 104BPM) from Gamalakhe (Port Shepstone just to the south of Durban, South Africa) is a young emerging house music producer and DJ that didn’t take much to draw in the attention of label owner, D-Malice.

104BPM is an artist that has really displayed his ability to build a highly emotive track with the most simplest sounds that can not be imitated as he clearly understands the importance in creating original rhythms.

How he got such a distinctive his name you ask? We asked the man himself and he said “My second name is Rutherford. On the periodic table of elements the element number 104is called Rutherfordium. So that’s what the 104 stands for and BPM is just purely for my love of music. 104 BPM is kind of like a first name last name thing, music is a part of me.” 

This newly signed to DM.Recordings artist is majorly influenced by the sounds of everyday life, his spirituality and past experiences as his production cannot really be compared to anyone – which is rare at a time where everything sounds the same.

We are very excited for 104BPM’s debut EP which will be released later this year as it is set to capture the attention of those DJ’s and music lovers that strive to be different and bring something fresh to the table – this is definitely for you!!