Copenhagen based deep/techno house producer and DJ Thomas Dieckmann also known as Radeckt, has been our best kept secret for a while. Radeckt who is one half of the duo Leman & Dieckmann, aswell as co-owner of the label Komplike has showcased his great talent with his spine-chilling remix of our latest release ‘Reflections’. As part of our new artist focus, we catch up with Radeckt to give us an insight on his music and expectations for this particular release.

1. Tell us about the track. When you first heard the original, what were your first thoughts and initial plans for the mix?
“As I expected was the original very afro housy, beautiful track btw, so my plan was to go for a more 4/4 techy dancefloor vibe. Im really happy about the result and enjoyed working on the track a lot.”

2. What are you expecting listeners to feel when hearing your remix?
“Im expecting listeners to feel a bit of summer vibe and the urge to move. For me its a bit of an open air party track, which I hope most people agree on this thinking of my remix.”

3. What sound/tools completed the track for you? Would you say this is your signature sound?
“I wouldn’t say its my signature sound, some elements is definitely though, such as percussion bits, self recorded loops and simple but driven synth melodies. Its a bit more tech house inspired than most of my other productions. 

I guess i knew the remix was possible to finish when I had the kick, synth melody, bassline, hat and clap combo, because I had a special idea about how i wanted the groove to sound and swing.”

4. What is your favourite track that you are playing in your sets at the moment? What is your personal favourite track that you listen to in the comfort of your home?
“What my favorite track in my sets are at the moment is a very difficult question to answer for me. I replace my sets a lot from gig to gig because I love to sound bit different from the previous job. But If I have to choose one that have been so lucky to be played several times at the moment it must be, Jamie Anderson – Bahia on Bedrock records. I love the mix of of a very percussion but techno based groove. 

At home my favorite track at the moment must be, NxWorries – Scared Money. Love that the production is so 80’s sunny and chill, real feel good track.”
5. What can we expect from you this year?
“After this remix I actually only have one 3 track EP on Jeahmon!, coming mid-end june. I’m in dialog regarding my next releases, I also have a collab EP with a good friend we are discussing where to go with it. So not much to reveal at this moment.”


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